Listed Xojo Developer

On a developer, Xojo brokers developer contacts for those who need and seek a dev.

How does one get on this list? What are the requirements or credentials required?

  • proficiency in Xojo coding (how would this be evaluated?)
  • field(s) of expertise (CRM, ERP, science, statistics etc.)
  • business languages practised
  • location and time zone

Thank you for feedback.

Paying for it…

Not really a list offered to people asking. Xojo just post the content of that form in this forum (under a category that only users with an active pro licence can see)

If you go to and scroll down to “Compare Features” click and you’ll see this chart:

At this time, the “Consulting Leads” feature on the chart is listed as a Pro and Pro Plus feature. As Ivan mentioned, this is what you’ll need to buy in order to get access to the “Find a Developer” consulting requests.

You know I’d really like to see a Pro-Lite License that doesn’t include mobile apps after Android is released. It would have everything Pro has except iOS and Android mobile apps. I only develop Web, Desktop and Console apps.