Listbox vertical scroll mouse click and drag not working

Should be straight forward. Create a Listbox with more rows than can be displayed and the vertical scroll is visible.
I can scroll up and down with the mouse wheel. When I click on the scroll bar I can see it get focus (changes color)
but it does not respond to click and drag.

I have both horizontal and vertical scroll checked in the IDE as well. I’m running on Windows and building for both
Windows and Mac (carbon) using RS 2012r2.1.

I’m not doing anything complicated just displaying data from a serial connection with a periodic update (timer at 10 - 15 seconds)

I haven’t seen this behavior before and am hoping I’m just missing something really simple.


Please show the code you have in your cell click event that intiates the drag event


I have removed all code from the CellClick event. I needed a popup menu which, through this forum, pointed me towards
using the MouseDown event.

Previous to the MouseDown event the CellClick was:

CurrentChannel = row ’ channels are zero-based, trap this before we use it

if column = 4 then

if HasBeenConfigured = False then
  MsgBox "*** Need to configure for serial port and baud rate before continuing."
end if

end if

return True

Oops. That last reply, if column = 4 then should be if col = 4 then