ListBox Text Size and Text Font User selectable?

I am curious to know if some people add a Text Font and Text Size selectable for their ListBox.

I am starting to need to enlarge a bit the text; sometimes I am unsure if the number is 6 or 8 or 5 is 6 or…

So I am asking myself if it is worth the addition to two PopupMenus to do that.

It’s your App. If you think your target Audience may need this feature, you should implement it.

You just need to make sure (test) that your variable Font and Size Settings fit within your Window/ListBoxes at Display Time. You should also test if everything looks fine on Scalings between 100% and 200% (maybe even higher?).

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[quote=“Sascha_S, post:2, topic:55526”]
Scalings between 100% and 200%[/quote]

Thank you.

What is Scaling (100% and 200%) ?

Modern versions of Windows and macOS support display scaling (HiDPI). Windows allows fractional scaling (100%, 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%…etc) while macOS supports whole scaling (100%, 200%, 300%…etc).

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Thank you Anthony.

macOS: in what version a % value appears ?
Yes, I have a Retina MacBook, but never saw that in El Capitan, thus my surprise.

Windows: I already read something about that in this forum.

I believe it was 10.12, but this page should help.

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The page shows El Capitan style, no %.

Also, with the question, I wanted to know how people feel about the size change inside the window (a bit like what is possible in the Finder with text and icons). In some folders, view by list, I increased the text size from 12 to 16 (the max in the Finder) and this is good.