Listbox text in bold is not readable in API-2

Setting a listbox column to display text in bold, it looks it is displayed twice where the 2.time is displayed with horizontal offset
tried to attach a picture of my screen shot but do not know how ???

I use to upload my screenshots and then use the option to generate a forum link.

don’t worry about this one, I have to find the problem.
It happens also in 2019 R1.1 for me …

The question is how are-you displaying the text in Bold ?

Are-you using the CellTextPaint Event ?

If so, maybe there is a missing Return True somewhere (in the CellTextPaint Event) to avoid the text to be printed twice…

Found the problem

for a column in the CelltextPaint event I set the g.bold = true and then did a drawText which was drawing the same text a bit offset from the original ( don’t know how xojo works exactly).
After removing drawText statement it is working.

I think because it is in a select statement the DrawText was done twice,
because I do that a few time in this event and there is always a drawText afterwards and it is always working,

glad it works now …