Listbox Survey

Hi. This is a survey to measure the interest of the community. Would you be interested in having an opensource project of the listbox control? the idea is to have an opensource listbox as complete as possible with many basic functionalities (and maybe others not so basic) already included. for example, export the selected columns to excel, send this list by mail, export the list to html, pass it as parameter the sql query and fill it automatically, numeric or date columns are automatically formatted according to the preferences of the system, etc etc. I could start uploading to github what I have and whoever wants it can continue contributing or improving the existing code.

I wanted to do something similar, just haven’t finished it yet. Most of what you want to do can be done with extensions, so I wanted to start a few open-souce extension modules. I’m currently going through my projects looking for suitable code snippets.

I have more urgency for a project “data-grid” . As far as I know we don’t have one yet.

@Joost Rongen what is the difference between listbox and data-grid?

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Data-grid, that’s what I want. Had one in Visual Foxpro, have one in Filemaker, don’t have one in Listbox (not one with the capabilities that I need).

@John Fatte what capabilities do you need?

+1 for a datagrid
in a datagrid, rows and columns are independant. in a listbox, you deal with an entire row at each time.

@Jean-Yves Pochez could you illustrate that please? because in listbox you can deal with rows and columns independently. sorry if i don’t understand the concept :slight_smile:

the selection in a listbox is based on a row.
in a datagrid it should be ideally a cell.

also the datagrid can ask for datas (from a database) with unlimited rows. the listbox is based in memory
(although you can make it think is is remote - I did it - it is still memory based)

i have made a feedback request to Add “Cell” to SelectionType option in Listbox Inspector → <>

and i have made an opersource project–> ExcelListbox - Help needed - Little Opensource project - General - Xojo Programming Forum

[quote=371317:@Jean-Yves Pochez]the selection in a listbox is based on a row.
in a datagrid it should be ideally a cell.[/quote]

You can subclass the listbox to make it behave that way.

The issue I always had when considering if I should build from scratch or subclass the listbox was making it look platform and appearance settings appropriate in an X-platform way…

I use Xojo because I really don’t want to have to get into the weeds of a lot platform specific declares, particularly as for me that would be a big learning curve… and OSes keep changing… Which is why I would rather leave that to Xojo Inc as much as possible.

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For the Mac the NSTableView from the MBS plugins can be used as datagrid. Not as easy to use as the Einhugur one. But very very fast. Is anyone besides me using this?

What we really need is a NSTableView instead of a listbox. :slight_smile:

you will loose crossplatform …

Not necessarily, they would just need to implement whatever the native table view is for Windows.

The listbox is a mixed bag of old stuff. On both Windows and especially on macOS it look out dated to say the least.
But I know for sure we never going to see a native NSTableView for Xojo (except by using it with plugins that only supports basic stuff ). :slight_smile:

Give Listbox back to Xojo.