Listbox Suggestions?

I need to build a listbox that will contain hierarchical data that may span several rows. So the first row may only contain one word, but when expanded it needs to show several paragraphs below. This may be several levels deep. Here’s a little illustration of what I mean from my whiteboard:

I know that the built-in listbox will not do this, as all the rows must be the same height. What other solutions can you recommend? I know there are several plugins / commercial solutions for this. Which one have you used and loved?


Lookup Karen Atkocius on this forum. She has a very nice listbox that just might do what you’re wanting

Karen has what looks to be exactly what you are looking for Kimball.

Merged Cells Listbox


Native osx listbox with a lot of cell type (also html cell type) and a lot of others amazing controls (see carousel view) .
and very cheap.

you can download and try it.

BTW Kimball I can appreciate a “well seasoned and Experienced” White Board as yours is :slight_smile:

Thanks Luicano, but I need something that is cross platform. Giving Karen’s class a whirl.

And Mike - yeah, that board has seen a fair number of bad ideas. :slight_smile:

[quote=60841:@luicano monti]dtplugin
you can download and try it.[/quote]

OS X-only, though. Since it uses native calls the only way to use it in cross-platform apps is to find an equivalent for Windows (and possibly Linux).

DTPlugin is great (although updates are a bit complex to keep track of) but it should always be made clear it’s OS-X and not cross-platform.