Listbox - Subclass A Plugin

I’ve subclassed an Einhugur DateControl to be embedded in a custom listbox. With my small amount of testing, it seems to be working very well.

Does anyone know of any issues with subclassing a plugin like this? I’m afraid it may come back and haunt me.

Not anything to do with subclassing, but if you are planning supporting Mac/Cocoa/Retina, you should probably contact Einhugur and try to get a feel for the time frame that they will properly support Cocoa. I love the StyleGrid, but when I moved to Cocoa I ran into several issues with Cocoa that I could not resolve and had to move back to the stock ListBox to meet some deadlines here.

Thanks for the heads up Merv. I don’t own a Mac, so this will only be used on Windows for now.

DateControl which he is asking about is both Cocoa, Xojo and Retina compatible.

… and works great as an embedded editor in the listbox.