Listbox stealing up/down arrows

I have a keydown event on a window that works as expected. But when adding a listbox (with no keydown event) to the window, the up and down arrows don’t trigger the event. Left and right arrows work as expected. I went ahead and added a keydown event to the listbox to see if it would catch the up/down arrows. It did.

So is this a bug? I would think so considering the left/right arrows aren’t affected. Or is there some special relationship between listboxes and up/down arrows where it would be expected that those keys would be intercepted, regardless of a keydown event existing or not?

The listbox consumes the up/down arrows to navigate the listbox. It is by design. You may want to add another control, such as an canvas, to get focus instead of the listbox. Then your up/down arrows will continue to function. Until the user clicks on the listbox, that is.

I’m sending the up/down arrows from the listbox keydown to a method that also gets the other keys. Seems to work so far. The listbox itself is for decoration purposes.