ListBox scaling on windows

Hello Guys,

Is there a way to properly scale the listbox on windows ? i tried with the row height and its so weird , the header looks like unfinished and the color disappears from it if you have in the windows settings that scaling factor more than 125% it messes up all the controls so honestly i have no idea what to do, the target pc is a windows 10 laptop that can be used as touch screen also and most of the users are flipping it and using it as a tabled and with those small rows its very hard to select the proper row, i have to disable sorting on the headers as well , same issue on the PopupMenus as well.

Any Ideas for this ? how to properly implement scaling factor on the controls ? specially on list boxes and popup menus .

Thanks .

This is taken care of by using HiDPI in the latest versions of the the IDE.

Otherwise, my RubberViews does rescale everything automatically, including ListBox.

You can download an evaluation version to see if it works for you at

Thanks Michel,

While HDPI has its advantages its still not in a stable version i can say, as an example the bevel buttons they get messed and the windows on redraw i get ghost lines from the previous window control sitting in the next window , and it only happens while HDPI is enabled, then if i keep the app open and i increase the windows scale to 150 % lets say, the whole interface gets messed up and the buttons just disappear then i resize it back to 125 % windows is ok but the controls no, they dont redraw property and i dont get the same issues while HDPI is off so ill skip that for now and hope that 2017 version will be more stable on that side.

Thanks for the link i`ll have a look on it .