Listbox row or cell editable

Hi everyone
i am new to Xojo and experiencing problems
i use version Xojo 2022r4.1 and windows 10
i want to edit listbox
as following but errors appear as following

“There is more than one method with this name but this does not match any of the available signatures.
Lista.CellTypeAt(1) assigns value as TextEdit”

Anyone know please the solution?

Lista.CellTypeAt(row,column) = Listbox.CellTypes.TextField

or you can do a whole column:

Lista.ColumnTypeAt(Col) = Listbox.CellTypes.TextField


God bless you for the fast reply but it is not working…
I have opened a new project and made printscreen in case you may find what i do wrong… (perhaps it needs an external library or something else i do not understand…)
Million thanks in advance.

  1. You should have:
  1. Try:
me.Addrow ()
me.CellTypeAt (0, 0) = Listbox.CellTypes.TextField

When you have added one row, its index is zero, not one.

You should really study the documentation for DesktopListbox at:

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hi sir
Thank you for the super fast help God bless you
but it is weird and it is not working.
When i add rows all run smoothly…!!!
When i try to make one row editable errors occur…

Ah, maybe it needs to be:

me.CellTypeAt (0, 0) = DesktopListbox.CellTypes.TextField

You really need to spend some time reading through the documentation.

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As OP is using Xojo 2022r4.1 I think the needed code is:

me.Addrow ()
me.CellTypeAt (0, 0) = DesktopListbox.CellTypes.TextField

Edit: looks like we answered almost at the same time.

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Thank you both.!!!
God bless you.!!!
It finally works.!!!
As most of documentation is for mac users.
We the windows users are facing serious problems to adapt interface at our needs.!!!


It is identical code for all platforms. There is nothing in the doc I suggested which is macOS-specific.

Platform-specific code is always marked as such.

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Yes indeed you are 100% right.
I was looking youtube examples and as they did not work in my windows interface i was confused and did not read well the xojo documentation…
Next time i will first search there the solution.
Be well Tim.!!!
Thank you indeed.!!!

desktopMe.DesktopCellTypeAt(Desktop0,Desktop0) = DesktopListbox.DesktopCellTypes.DesktoptextField