Listbox problems

I have some Listbox bugs that really annoy me.
For some exists half-workaround, for some not, and this really set some problems on my development.
Some only shows on Windows and some other on Mac.

Here are a list of cases, if someone wants to subscribe, add informations, workarounds or even points.

37341 - Listbox.Change event fires every time on Listbox.EditCell

37344 - Listbox.activeCell never goes to NIL

34382 - Listbox fails to apply format to activecell

30624 - Listbox redraws wrongly on Windows

28116 - Cocoa: Listbox CellKeyDown does not seem to fire when pressing Function Keys (FKeys)

1705 - Contextual menu on multi-selection Listbox changes selection

37361 - Listbox fails on redraw during drag

I just found Listbox.CellKeyDown does not recognizes extended ASCII codes above 127.
Big problem for me when used localized keyboard.
I am on Mac…

This is reported in <>

What about a listbox not showing all of the first line on a Mac? I have that with a listbox appearing on a tab control.

I’ll bet the Y position of your listbox is less than 20 … move it down slightly and it should be ok

That fixed it … Thanks Dave. Pretty silly error.

Nota: ASCII Codes range the values from 0 to 127.

Beyond that think (and talk) UTF-8 (if you want).

Extended ASCII is a mythological beast that never existed.

However, something exists from code 128 until code 255, but shows different character on OS X vs Windows.