Listbox, prevent sorting

Dumb question: how to avoid sorting a listbox when the user clicks on the headers?

BTW I can of course reload the listbox when the user clicks on the header, (I would call this a workaround. But surely there should be a better way.

Return True in the .SortColumn Event ?

I’m getting old … :slight_smile:

But it still shows the ^ icons in the header when pressed. Any way to disable this too?

Yes, there is. Where , How ?

I put that in a MenuEvent to remove the small Sort icon. Thanks to the Xojo Engineer tip.

LB.SortedColumn = -1
LB.HasHeading = False
LB.HasHeading = True

The simplest way is to prevent the action from being called.


I forgot that one…

This question occurred to me when I wanted to do a “Select all” by pressing the header column 4. I managed this with a computed property:

[code]Private isExportAll As Boolean
Return misExportAll
End Get

misExportAll = value
if value = true then
lbUebungen.SortedColumn = -1
lbUebungen.HasHeading = false
lbUebungen.HasHeading = true
isExportAll = False
end if
End Set

End Property[/code]

Then, in the event HeaderPressed:

[code]Function HeaderPressed(column as Integer) As Boolean
if column = 4 then
if isExportAll then
return false
end if

// … Do what you want to be accomplished

// Sort-Indikator ausschalten
isExportAll = true
end if
End Function[/code]

Just WHY?

All the columns are sorted

Read there: ListBox.SortColumn to learn how to avoid Sorting a Column from a Listbox.

There is no artwork to watch, but only a few lines to read. :wink:

Quite an elegant solution. Thanks for sharing.