ListBox: Mouse Drag Reorder clears the ListBox contents


this started some days ago (obviously when I wanted to add a Row copy between ListBox. I just discovers who’s the faultive:

[code]Function DragRow(drag As DragItem, row As Integer) As Boolean
Drag.Text = Me.List(Row)

Return True // Allow the drag
End Function[/code]

How the bug appears ?

Very simple: select and move a Row from the ListBox [in that ListBox] and release the Mouse.

Result: the ListBox is cleared (and resized, but this is my code).

Nota: I also have in DropObject

Do If Obj.TextAvailable Then Me.AddRow(Obj.Text) End If Loop Until Not Obj.NextItem

But once I commented out the DragRow Event, the troubles stopped.

At last: first code above not commented, but second code above commented: no clear contents…

I need the second code above, so I keep it and let the first one commented (after all, it does not works: export Multi-Columns Rows using Drag and Drop does not works here).

I started to add code to drag and drop from a ListBox to another and vice-versa, but I created another project just to make it works and forgot to remove this code.

I found the WHY,
I’ve done the REMOVE,
but I do not know how to go FURTHER.