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Hi, I tried to search but did not see any idea of what I want to do so maybe you guys/gals can help me.
I have a listbox that displays contents from a SQLite DB. I made an extra cell to show the name of the corresponding document for that record (which I also store in the DB). Right now, the list is in view only but when I double-click on a record, a windows pops up where I can edit the record.

What I want to do is create maybe a link where if the user double-clicks on that column, I can go and open the corresponding document, just like a hyperlink.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Ok, I almost got it but for the life of me, I can’t understand how to go to a specific folder to get the file. An example is that I have a pdf file named 17.pdf in c:\temp.
I want to use a folderitem like:
dim f as FolderItem(“C:\temp\17.pdf”)
and then f.launch but I get a syntax error

Here is one way:

Blockquote Var f As Folderitem
f = Folderitem.DriveAt(0).Child(“Users”).Child(“myProfile”).Child(“Documents”).Child(“test.pdf”)

You can use Special Folders also and I recommend them

You’d need to use New here:

Dim f As New FolderItem("C:\temp\17.pdf")

Like Brian, I also recommend you put these files somewhere safer than C:\temp. Use one of the locations available in SpecialFolder, perhaps Documents or ApplicationData.

f = SpecialFolder.Documents.Child("PDFs").Child("17.pdf")
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Thank you guys,
The files are actually going to be on a server. Maybe I use a variable on the DB so I can specify that location.