Listbox.Invalidate and InvalidateCell do not work as expected

On Windows, calling Listbox.Invalidate does nothing. Calling InvalidateCell updates the entire row even if only one column is specified.

With @Paul Lefebvre 's help, we found that this has been true for a while.



Hey Kem, I think I have this problem (coding on Mac, building for Windows).

I have a checkmark to toggle background color for a few cells (thanks to CellTag value). It worked great on Mac, but on Windows it doesn’t change when I change the checkmark, if I resize the window then the listbox is updated.

I changed listbox.invalidate for listbox.invalidatecell(-1,-1). I hope that’s ok, at least it seems to work on Mac and on Windows.

Sounds fine.

What about .Refresh ?

Emile, I tried listbox1.Refresh and I get the same as listbox1.invalidate

It works fine on Mac, it doesn’t work on Windows. The cells I need to change the background only change after Window resize (or maybe other interaction). For now I’ll use listbox1.invalidatecell(-1,-1).

Thank you