ListBox: How many times between the two clicks until the Edit mode ?

In a ListBox, I have LB.Column(1) set to Editable.

How many seconds (from instantly to 4-5 seconds or more) do YOU have to wait before I will be able to Edit the Cell ?
(for me it is around 5-10 seconds, quite never instantly)

Nota: please avoid giving answers if your developing environment is different from below:

Xojo 2015r1
MacBook Pro 2014-11
OS X Yosemite (10.10.3 Public Beta)

in CellClick

me.EditCell row , column

you can edit without wait

I use mostly double click to edit cells

  Dim xValue As Integer
  xValue = System.MouseX - Me.Left - Self.Left 
  Dim yValue As Integer
  yValue = System.MouseY - Me.Top - Self.Top 
  Dim row, column As Integer
  row = Me.RowFromXY(xValue, yValue)
  column=Me.ColumnFromXY(xValue, yValue)
  me.EditCell row, column


it can be my Hardware/OS who is slow. I will check (the project is not here).