[ListBox] How do I know if a row is expandable or not ?


I have a listbox with hierarchical items inside (at more than 1 level for some of them)
and with checkboxes on the first column.
I want to save the states of the checkboxes, so I loop throught the list to find the correct values of the checkboxes
How do I know if a row has been expanded or not ?
there is the Expanded funtion but the row has to be added with addfolder
how can I know if a row has been added by addfolder or addrow ?


What version of Xojo?

The current version has a function ListBox.RowIsFolder(row as integer) as Boolean. It actually has a setter as well which allows you to make a row into a folder even if it was not added with AddFolder.

If the version you are using does not support that then store if the row is a folder in the rowtag whenever you do an addFolder

  • Karen

thanks, I’m still in RS2012 so there is not that function…
one reason to move to recent xojo then…