Listbox - HeaderAt

When I set the headings in the listbox, only the first 5 columns and the last one are displayed. Why?

The code:

ListBoxItemsServer.ColumnWidths = "30,80,80,80,80,80,80,80,80,80,80"

ListBoxItemsServer.HeaderAt(2)="Attribute 0"
ListBoxItemsServer.HeaderAt(3)="Attribute 1"
ListBoxItemsServer.HeaderAt(4)="Attribute 2"
ListBoxItemsServer.HeaderAt(5)="Attribute 3"
ListBoxItemsServer.HeaderAt(6)="Attribute 4"
ListBoxItemsServer.HeaderAt(7)="Attribute 5"
ListBoxItemsServer.HeaderAt(8)="Attribute 6"
ListBoxItemsServer.HeaderAt(9)="Attribute 7"
ListBoxItemsServer.HeaderAt(10)="Attribute 8"

The test programm is here

Which Xojo version do you use ?

Create an Issue, I see this on a mac:

Your Listbox is too small to display all columns. You can make it and the screen wider and change its behaviour, locking its right side too.

Solution found:
The number of ListBoxItemsServer.ColumnWidths’s elements must be the same as the columns