Listbox header transparency

I have a SearchField in a web app. Upon clicking to search, a Listbox appears below it showing results (by setting visible property to true). The problem is that the Listbox header is partially transparent and so I can see another text field that it overlaps. Can I easily make the Listbox header opaque?
I wanted to avoid the situation of making other controls hidden when the ListBox is visible as this doesn’t seem like an elegant solution and perhaps there’s a better solution.

Under App in Web Settings you can set the Table Style to have a background color by adding the following to the HTML Header

.table th {
    background-color: white;

This will globally set the background to all table headers to white. There are ways to set up a specific table type style that you can invoke with a JavaScript like discussed here: Another WebListbox CSS Challenge - Different Header Background?


Fantastic that works great thanks!


@Tom_Dixon I have just noticed the listbox scroll bar is still transparent to other controls behind it. Is there a way to fix this?

I’m not 100% sure of the exact syntax needed but this post might be helpful: Another WebListbox CSS Challenge - Different Header Background? - #3 by Anthony_G_Cyphers.