Listbox: Get the value of specific cell


I need to get the value of specific cell when one row is selected. The cell is not visible in the listbox.

Which is the best way to do it?


Getting the value of a cell:

Are you trying to store some internal data in the cell that’s not visible? There is a feature called CellTagAt that lets you store data, even objects like FolderItem in a way that’s attached to a cell. Similarly, there’s RowTagAt for associating the data to a row instead.

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Hi Tim,

I’ve a CellContainer with some text fields inside and one textfield outside the layout. Then I’ve populated a piDog DataView one column populated with the CellContainer.

When I select one row, I need to get the value of the textfield placed outside the CellContainer layout and pass this value to an htmlviewer.

As I’m starting with Xojo, I don’t understand very well the CellValueAt because I need to specify the row number and column number but the value I need is placed outside the column… Perhaps I need to rebuild using another way…


Since the tags are invisible to the user you can place a CellTag on one of the visible cells. If the data applies to the whole row, you could use RowTag instead.

I don’t have access to piDog DataView so I can’t help with stuff that’s specific to that. You might try reaching out to Jim directly for support.

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Thank you Tim. I will try to do it.