Listbox formatted text

I use this code to write multiple lines in a Listbox with different text attributes:

Dim arr() as String = Split(me.cell(row,column), EndOfLine) g.ForeColor = &c00408000 g.Bold = true g.TextSize = 12 g.DrawString(Arr(0),x ,y - g.TextHeight) g.textSize = 11 g.bold = false g.foreColor = &c80808000 g.DrawString(arr(1),x,y) g.ForeColor = &c00800000 g.DrawString(arr(2), x,y + g.TextHeight) return True

The code is in the CellTextPaint event.
I can’t find a way to place a line of text to the right side of the cell as g.TextWidth doesn’t exist. Is it possible?

g.StringWidth (and gStringHeight) does not make the trick ?

g.DrawString(arr(1),x+(g.width-g.StringWidth(arr(1)),y) <-doesn’t work

I have to relate the position. It should be Cellwidth-Stringwidth?