Listbox.EnableDragReorder will not reorder

I have found something really annoying about the EnableDragReorder property and that is that it only works properly with the Hierarchical property disabled. Does anybody know have any code that will help me achieve. Please could somebody from Xojo team make a feedback form to request having this work for Hierarchical listboxes as my Feedback form has a bug where I cannot see the labels properly. Thanks

Someone please help!!

NOTE: You cannot drag rows on a hierarchical ListBox. Setting this property to True has no effect on a hierarchical ListBox.

I don’t understand that note. You can dragreorder on a hierarchical listbox and you’ll get the DragReorderRows event, it’s just that the rows are not moved for you. Unless this changed in Xojo3r2.

There’s 2 difficulties though. The DragReorderRows event doesn’t have enough info for you to actually do the move. I’ve made a LB subclass with an event that supplies all the info needed, basically you need to know the indent levels to properly compute the old parent row, old child index in that parent and the same for the new position.

The other problem is if you have multiselect on. There’s a bug where it gives incorrect values for parentRow (or is it newPosition). Either way I don’t know a workaround.

You can implement drag reordering entirely yourself from the MouseDown event. I’ve done that get a custom insertion line but it’s not easy and you really appreciate the complexities of the Listbox.