Listbox EditCell Text cut off at the bottom

I noticed recently that the bottom of the cell being edited is partially obscured.
Is there something I might be doing wrong or is this a “feature”?
The cell is only capital "L"s.

You may want to set DefaultRowheight to a higher value to accommodate this particular font

I thought about that, and increased the value. The default on Mac, if set to -1, is just one more. So if the font size is 12, then the rowHeight is 13.
It continued chopping off the bottom of the characters. Experiment failed.
I just tested this on a previous version 2018 r2, and it still happens

@Arthur Gabhart — You cannot rely on the font size to set the row height so you may need to increase the DefaultRowHeight to 14, 15 or more to accommodate a particular font, or reduce the FontSize.

I have a sample project with just a few lines.

If i remember it correct, then Font Height is measured in Points and Points are not Pixel.

@Arthur Gabhart — There is definitely a problem when editing the first row (with or without a Heading line). You should submit a bug report for that

Thanks. I just tested in 2107r2.1 and it doesn’t happen. It is also interesting that it won’t show thin dotted lines. That isn’t the problem but just saying.

I gave up trying to use the integrated ActiveCell and created a subclass Listbox and position a true TextField the also allows me to use other controls as well