Listbox DragRow event not presenting boolean return

Using Xojo 2019.r3 on MacOS Catalina.

I add a listbox to my window and try to add a DragRow event. The event that is added does not have a boolean return value. All my other projects put in a boolean return value for the event, but not this relatively new project I’m working on.

So, the docs say that unless you return true, the drag won’t occur. But, in this case, because I can’t add a boolean return to an event that doesn’t have one, I added the following line to my code:


Adding this line acts as if I returned true and the drag works.

So, I am moving on with my project, but I’m curious to how this can happen. Events are pre-formatted with the parameters, so this is not in my control as it would be with a method. I feel I must be overlooking something obvious.

By the way, I tried creating a sample project, but it won’t happen in another project.

Is this a subclass ?
Has your super implemented it and not exposed it the same way to other uses ?

Easy way to test is just drag a listbox out onto the layout and add the event to it and see
Then remove this additional temporary one

Doh! I’m applying the appropriate dope slap.