Listbox DragReorderRows fires BEFORE rows are reordered?

As the title says: I looked closely and it appears that when DragReorderRows fires the listbox rows are not yet re-ordered. I searched old posts on this topic and it’s been asked before, but other than a timer, there does not seem to be a good solution.
Is this behavior intentional? Seems a bit pointless to me: wouldn’t you want to be able to do something after the new row order is established? So a DraggedReorderRows event would be useful.
v2021r1 on macOS

For a non-hierarchical listbox, it means you get a chance to prevent the reordering.

For a hierarchical one (almost all I ever use), you have to do your own re-ordering anyway.

Fair enough, i see the point of the existing event, but still does not solve the problem of doing something on the new ordering.