Listbox drag and mouse event handler interactions

I’ve been using the DragRow, DragOver, and DragReorderRows events to allow the user to reorganise the rows in their listbox. This works without problems. At the same time, I use the CellClick event to allow the user to effect another, separate, action when they click a row. The only problem here is that clicking and holding the mouse to effect the drag is also caught as a CellClick action, so the two actions interfere. In addition, the separate non-drag action also happens immediately the mouse is pressed. I would actually like the separate action to occur when the mouse is released, as that would allow the user to change their mind.

So, I thought I’d use MouseDown and MouseUp instead of CellClick, but adding a MouseDown handler to the mix kills all the drag actions. They no longer work, just as if the Drag handlers were not implemented at all.

How can I stop the MouseDown event handler from interfering with the drag logic? (I’m using 2019r3.1)

MouseClick = (MouseDown + MouseUp)
MouseDrag = (MouseDown + Mouse Move + MouseUp)