Listbox DoubleClick wrong computed cell coordinates

I’m unable to get the correct value for row/column coordinates on Listbox’s DoubleClick event using the code reported in documentation.
The same code works as intended on Windows but not on Linux.
The row value is totally wrong, usually higher but in some case results in a negative value.
The listbox in on a page and not in a container.
The problem can be reproduced on Debian and Mint using both 2017r2.1 and 2018r1.

What’s wrong?

This is what I use in 2016R4.1 on Mint 18

		Dim xValue As Integer
		xValue = System.MouseX - Me.Left - Self.Left
		Dim yValue As Integer
		yValue = System.MouseY - Me.Top - Self.Top
		Dim row, column As Integer
		row = Me.RowFromXY(xValue, yValue)
		column=Me.ColumnFromXY(xValue, yValue)
		MsgBox("You double-clicked in Row " + Str(row) + ", Column " + Str(column))

Thank you Axel for your reply.
I’ll post here tomorrow the results of your code in my project.

I have tested in 2018R1 and it does not work, as you see here -

it shows me -1 for the last row and 1 for the first row, same for column.

I create a feedback case ASAP.
Thank you.