Listbox.DefaultRowHeight in windows

In my application when setting listbox defaultrowheight under Mac, the listbox row height is adjusted accordingly but the same application under Windows keeps the listbox row height as the default one. Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Try setting it in the Window Open event.

Thanks Jym but it did not work. The listbox examples included in xojo works but for whatever the reason my application just change the row height in MacOs but not in Windows 10

It seems like it is related with RubberViews. When deleting RubberViews1.Init(Self, 1300,668) from the window open event, then the listbox adjusts the row height according to DefaultRowHeight parameter.

You should set DefaultRowHeight before RubberViews.Init().

Init takes a snapshot of all dimensions, including RowHeight, so if you set it afterward, it will reinstate the older value.