Listbox Column Resizing

I have an app with a listbox that has 9 columns, two of which are specified as variable sizes [56,187*,50,54,61,57,65,70,258*] so that they expand and contract with horizontal resizing of the window, while the rest remain at their given size. Works fine!

What I’m wondering now is if there is a way to make ONLY the second column resizable from the headers, allowing the last column to resize itself accordingly. Alternatively, is there a way to set the listbox’s columns resizable while preventing specific columns from being resized.

if you put nothing instead of the “187*” it should be the way you want.

This page from the documentation will also be helpful: and the UserResizableProperty

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[quote=426992:@Jason Parsley]This page from the documentation will also be helpful: and the UserResizableProperty[/quote]
Ok, this gets me part of the way there. But, as I resize column 1 it changes the size of column 2 (per the docs and actually). What I want is for any change in width of column 1 to change the width of column 8, with the intervening columns merely adjusting their positions but not their widths. In essence, if I shrink column 1 by 20, I want columns 2-7 to move 20 positions to the left and column 8 to gain 20 in width.

So that brings up the question, is there a way to live-track the resizing of a column?

See Listbox MouseDrag, HeaderHeight, and then maybe rewrite the listbox column widths string to adjust sizes as you see fit in the mousedrag event when the drag occurs in the header. Something like that should work…