Listbox clicks?

I’m trying to create a listbox that needs to have a checkbox on most (but not all) rows. I don’t want rows to be selectable, but interfering with the CellClick event disabled the ability to check the checkbox. I also want clicks on the row, outside the checkbox, to take an action appropriate to the item (display a file in the Finder, show a window with more info, etc).

I can’t figure out how to handle this… customizing CellClick screws up the checkbox clicks, which I don’t want. Any advice?

it’s doable. But exactly how depends on how you defined CellType…

Since you say you say MOST cells are set to Checkboxes I’m going to assume you set it that way by setting LB.ColumnType(column) = ListBox.TypeCheckbox and then set the Cells that are NOT checkboxes are not set to listBox.TypeDefault.
in CellClick

[code]If x < 20 and (me.CellType(row,column) <> ListBox.TypeDefault) Then ’ assume it a checkbox Click
me.CellCheck(row, column) = Not me.CellChek(row, column)
Else ’ not a checkbox click
'Do whatever you want
End if

Return True

I actually hadn’t thought to put the checkbox in its own separate cell, but that’s not a bad idea. I’m not putting a header on the list, so I don’t have to worry about what the header will look like if I break things up. I’ll give that a try, thanks!

You could simulate it… have two images for a checked box and unchecked.
Then use one or the other as the row picture.