Listbox: Change font and size ?

If I use:

Listbox1.Font = "Arial Black" Listbox1.Size = 14

I get a text change in the Listbox core, the Header text does not change.

is there’s a work-around ?

use my listbox header class

it attaches to a listbox and syncs with the events … but allows you do control the header anyway you want to

Thank you.

I will add a third Listbox to deal with that :frowning: (or simply remove the header but in that case I have to disallow that Row selection :frowning:

your choice if you want to do it the hard way… you asked for a “work-around”. and I attempted to provide a viable solution

And I thank you, Dave.

This is just an informative text, so I can simply use a canvas and paint my small text there. (better idea in the context).