listbox.CellTooltipAt not showing with windows 10

I have an application that uses listbox.CellTooltipAt and it works fine with my mac application. But on windows 10 it is not working !

Any ideas why ?

Thanks everybody

I don’t see the problem. I have the following code in a test app listbox’s MouseMove event and it works fine.

Var row, column As Integer

row = Me.RowFromXY (X, Y)
column = Me.ColumnFromXY (X, Y)

If column = -1 Or row = -1 Then Return

Me.CellTooltipAt (row, column) = "Row " + str (row) + ", column: " + str (column)

Perhaps you should show some code.

What’s the configuration of monitor(s) on Windows 10? Do you have more than one screen?

Only one screen on my lenovo laptop


Here is a part of my code when I build the listbox from a rowset of a database

// on fait la COLUMN 3 , c’est les initiales du lph
v = rs.columnAt(2).StringValue
listbox3.CellValueAt(listbox3.LastAddedRowIndex, 2) = v

// tooltip des initiales
If app.gdInitLph.HasKey(v) Then
fullNameToolTip=tempInfo.NthField(",",3) + " “+ tempInfo.NthField(”,",4)// retourne nom complet
Listbox3.CellTooltipAt(Listbox3.LastAddedRowIndex,2) =“Utilisateur non présent dans base de données” // retourne si iduser pas dans dictionnaire gdLph
End If

It works fine with my mac app



What version of Xojo?

It could be <>

Xojo: Xojo 2021r2

Yes I read it ! Definitely, it looks like it is exactly my problem !


Just added to the ticket, I hope this helps if you haven’t worked around it already:

There are two workarounds for this:

  1. Set Window2.Visible = False instead of closing it


  1. Open Window1 before Window2 in App.Open and ensure that Window1.Visible = False in the inspector of the IDE, then set it to True when the load is complete.

Version 2 might be better as it will destroy window2 however you might need to refactor your loading routines out of Window1

Ok thanks !! I’ll try that and give you some news :slight_smile: