ListBox.CellCheck and CellClick event

I’m having a problem with ListBox and cell check box.

When cell check box is clicked to change it state in the CellClick event the state is as it was before the click; and changed AFTER the CellClick event.

However when text is enter in a cell in the CellClick event that text will be in the cell; changed BEFORE the CellClick event.

Is the the way it should work?

IIRC the checkbox check state is not changed until the Click is processed.

MouseDown and CellClick are called before any processing of the click is done… In fact returning true in either of those means that you want to handle all the click processing yourself instead…

Hope that explains it.

If you want to do something only after the check state has changed, use ListBox.CellAction

Changed it to .CellAction and now it’s working for me.
Thanks Karen.