Listbox CellAction re-edit?

For Listbox1, I have the following, below.

After validation, how can I make the cell have focus and editable?


Sub CellAction(row As Integer, column As Integer) Handles CellAction
  ' Validate Time
  If column = 1 OR column = 2 Then
    Dim sTime as String = ValidateTime(me.Cell(row,column)) 'Returns either "##:##:##" or "ERR"
    If sTime = "ERR" Then
      MsgBox "Time must be formatted as HH:MM:SS"
      // How can I re-select this cell, so the user can re-edit it and put in a valid time?
      //      Me.EditCell(row, column)
      // doesn't work.
      me.Cell(row,column) = sTime
    End If
  End If
End Sub

me.editcell(row, column)

Thanks Roger, but it doesn’t seem to work within CellAction.

its a little roundabout, but you could use a timer to call a method which calls EditCell. With a period of 10-100 ms, the user probably won’t see it.