ListBox cell formatting

Hi everyone. 20+ yrs FileMaker now Xojo newbie.
I have a listbox that will display currency values; the SQLite columns are of type INTEGER (for the currency fields).
It appears ListBox wants Text/String data. I’'m having trouble formatting column INT data to display in the cell:

This works fine but just show original data format:
Pending, credit, debit are the INT data.
While Not data.EOF
DataList.RowTag(DataList.LastIndex) = data.Field(“ID”).IntegerValue

  1. problem: If I put data.Field(“li_pending”).IntegerValue I get an error; I think I get this, it wants Text

  2. how to store, then retrieve/display: I’ve read that it’s best to store $50.00 in SQLite as 5000 and do
    conversions. So if I take 5000 from SQLite I want to divide by 100 and resolve the cents digits past an
    appended decimal point. THAT’s what I can’t figure out how to do in the While/Wend above.

Thanks for any help. I’m really excited with my move to Xojo and looking forward to some fun

William O’Keefe

you could call Format() function and format the number.


"$" + Format("0.00", value/100.0)

Excellent! Thanks Christian. Still learning all the commands…didn’t even know that one was there. Works great.