ListBox Capture mousedown in editable cell

I am in the process of updated to 2021 r1.1.
I noticed i had some code that would detect a ContextualClick in an editable cell and show a menu. It no longer works. I can not seem to figure out how to fix this. The Mouse down event no longer triggers if a cell is editable nor does a cellclick event trigger??

Is this a bug?

you might want to tell others what version you are upgrading from and OS you are experiencing this on.

Updating from 2019 R3.1. This is happening on MAC OS Big Sur

Were you using Web API 1.0 in the original project? If so, a lot of things changed in API 2.0 and this may be one of those changes. You may need to stay with API 1.0 (19r3.2 or earlier).

This is a Desktop app.

Sorry about that - I somehow got “WebListBox” in my head :frowning: .

no worries. Im just not sure how to proceed. I am assuming that when you set a listbox cell type to a textfield, it takes on all the same properties of a textfield. If this was just one object in my app it would not bother me, but i have hundreds of listbox’s that i use as an textfield because at time of creation a listbox seemed so much for flexable.

Wrong, not all properties.

What I have done when I needed more control over cell editing was use a separate TextField or texture which I moved over a cell when I needed to edit…

That way you have access to all the events… It’s a bit of work but once done you have a a lot more control.


The way I have gotten around that problem is to put code in the CellClick event handler to determine if the click was contextual and only enter Edit mode if it wasn’t. Something like

If IsContextualClick = False Then 
  Me.EditCellAt (row, column) ' row and column are parameters in the event definition
End If

This let me have the contextual menu whether or not the cell was in edit mode.

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