Listbox and database

Hi Guys,
I was hesitant on posting this question but I have looked and I thought I found the answer to my question. What I want to do is just copy the contents of a listbox to a database. The code below is copying the correct amount of rows but with the information in the first row of the listbox. I thought this code “MultiPointWindow.Listbox1.ScrollPosition = LocRow” will move me to the next row. What do you think I am doing wrong? Thanks in advance.

var rs as RowSet
Var sql as string
Var Act as string
Act = "x"
sql = "select * from TestRecord Where customer = ? "
rs = app.db.SelectSQL(sql,vName1)

if rs.RowCount = 0 then
  var TestRecord as new DatabaseRow
  TestRecord.Column("Customer").StringValue = NameTextField.value
  TestRecord.Column("Address").StringValue = AddressTextField.value
  TestRecord.Column("Type").StringValue = FreqPopupMenu.text
  TestRecord.Column("CityStateZip").StringValue = CityTextField.value
  //VAr to see how many rows
  Var vRowkount as Integer
  Var vRowkount1 as Integer 
  Var vColKount as Integer
  Dim LocRow As Integer
  vRowkount1 = 0
  vColKount = MultiPointWindow.Listbox1.ColumnCount-7
  vRowkount = MultiPointWindow.Listbox1.RowCount 
  LocRow = 1
  while vRowkount <> 0
    TestRecord.Column("ScaleID").StringValue = MultiPointWindow.ListBox1.CellValueAt(vRowkount1, 0)
    TestRecord.Column("Location").StringValue = MultiPointWindow.ListBox1.CellValueAt(vRowkount1, 1)
    TestRecord.Column("Model").StringValue = MultiPointWindow.ListBox1.CellValueAt(vRowkount1, 2)
    TestRecord.Column("Serial").StringValue = MultiPointWindow.ListBox1.CellValueAt(vRowkount1, 3)
    TestRecord.Column("MFG").StringValue = MultiPointWindow.ListBox1.CellValueAt(vRowkount1, 4)
    TestRecord.Column("Cap").StringValue = MultiPointWindow.ListBox1.CellValueAt(vRowkount1, 5)
    TestRecord.Column("Res").StringValue = MultiPointWindow.ListBox1.CellValueAt(vRowkount1, 6)
    while vColKount <> 0
      TestRecord.Column("Test" + str(vColKount)).StringValue = MultiPointWindow.ListBox1.CellValueAt(vRowkount1, vColKount+6 )
      vColKount = vColKount - 1
      app.db.AddRow("TestRecord", TestRecord)
    Catch e as DatabaseException
      MessageBox e.Message
    end try
    LocRow = LocRow+1
    MultiPointWindow.Listbox1.ScrollPosition = LocRow
    vRowkount1 = vRowkount1+1
    vRowkount = vRowkount-1
end if

must be in the while loop.

You don’t iterate through a ListBox by changing its ScrollPosition. Just iterate through its first and last rows. Here is some psuedo-code:

For row As Integer = 0 To ListBox1.LastRowIndex
  Var dbRecord As New DatabaseRow

  // Repeat this line for each column
  dbRecord.Column("ScaleID").StringValue = ListBox1.CellValueAt(row, 0)

  // Add your database row to the database
  App.DB.AddRow("TestRecord", dbRecord)

Thank you guys. Totally forgot about the new DatabaseRow every time. Paul, that way is way neater. Changed my code that way. Working good now.

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