List of Xojo Methods

As a side branch of a discussion elsewhere, the question was raised whether there was an available list of the Xojo commands and when they were introduced to the language.
In response to that question, I attempted to create such a complete or nearly complete list of all the Xojo methods. This includes over 2200 commands. The data is presented as a csv file of three columns: Method Name, Version Deprecated (if applicable) and Version Introduced.

A Sample:


The csv file is easily displayed in apps such as Excel where the columns can be sorted etc. I thought I would bring it out into a more discoverable place should anyone want it.

Here is the link:!AomRm_Ft4xvQhJ0L9juFW-M5hnaelQ?e=EociSB


thank you for this.
just for the records, it appears to me as an excel xlsx file, and not as a csv file ?!AomRm_Ft4xvQhJw5x9hAt-oB44BGqg?e=nYtMmL

This is a link to the file as an Excel file. I created a CSV file originally because I thought it would be easier for people who did not have Excel, but it in fact causes problems. My own Mac is set up to open CSV files as Excel files. I am not completely clear as to what happens if I did not have Excel on my machine. The file is being stored on OneDrive (A Microsoft Service) and that may force it to be opened as an Excel document although the raw file is a CSV file. When I tried altering my own machine’s settings to open CSV files as BBEdit files, that just causes trouble (i.e. errors “corruption”) when trying to do the opening of the file in the cloud.
So I have provided here a link to a proper Excel (.xlsx) file so Excel is not “fighting me”. I presume most people on this forum are familiar with Excel or at least familiar with how to work around not having Excel if that is their preference.

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was it generated with the database data that came with xojo or input you all manually?

I do not have Excell here, but it was opened with Excel :wink:

No problem for me to use it.

Thank you

I learned recently that if you have grab Excel from the Mac App Store you are able to use it as a read-only viewer when not subscribed to Office 365.

I might suggest a SQLite database so that everyone with Xojo can open it :wink:!AomRm_Ft4xvQhJ0d6SHi_CTfp9AgXQ?e=soSaXP

Here it is as a TAB delimited file (.txt). This does not seem to trigger the automatic invocation of Excel. This should be accessible to anyone.
That data came ultimately from the Wiki that Xojo provides. It required a Keyboard Maestro script and subsequent “massaging” with BBEdit to grab the bits of information that I wanted. It was not simply a manual process of examining all the entries and typing out the data. Even I am not crazy enough to try that.
There may be easier ways to deal with Wiki’s. I have no particular experience with the format.


Robert, based on your work as an entry point I extended it a bit, mainly because I needed anyways a test application for Web 2, but I always like to combine it with something useful:


That’s very cool Jeannot.

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A bit??!!
Very cool. I don’t know how you did this. Web programming is well out of my wheelhouse.


All I can say is that I do not understand (a single byte, any bit) what to do with the web application !

You can for instance look into the future and find what will be deprecated in the future :slight_smile: . I wasn’t aware that I am able to develop a time machine with Xojo Web 2, but it really does work. @Greg_O_Lone developed a fantastic framework! :slight_smile: @Paul_Lefebvre, is this on purpose, or a typo?

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This is on purpose. MemoryBlock.Short will be deprecated starting in 2021r1. To give the best possible notice, we will post deprecation warnings in the docs ahead of releases when we can. In this case the Short data type was previously deprecated in 2015r3 and this MemoryBlock method probably should also have been deprecated around then.


Fantastic! And yet another use-case for :wink:

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Fantastic Web2 demonstration here Jeannot! I think Web2 is a game changer personally.


Me too, not perfect (yet) and not suitable for everything (or shall I better say not for everyone) but it has lots of potentials if they don’t lose momentum now. I am relatively seasoned in Python and the Flask framework, so I started in parallel to develop it in python too … and gave up halfway.

Yes, the python version would ultimately have been responsive etc. but (by far) more complex to develop. Not talking about the maintenance and deployment issues with any alternative compared to Xojo Web 2.

I will probably share a few insights from my journey developing this app in the next weeks.


It tooks me time to realize this question:

Since you dropped the “recent changes“ * on this wiki, how one can fingure what happened ? (a.k.a. something new happens).

Remember: some people do not even read the Release Notes…
(And I suspect some other never open the LR too, but this is suspicion only)

Reading the release notes is the best way to know what has changed.

As far as deprecations, there is a Deprecations page:

You can also see what was deprecated in a specific release by using the category like this:


That was exactly the trigger to build something like Not that it is not already feasible with the Wiki, but to select via the categories what is new, or deprecated and to “only” get a simple list. I had something like that for my own internal use but thought I could make it publicly available, with the benefit for myself to have a public web app for testing purposes.

I’m reading the release notes, but I’m usually only focused on the scopes of the projects I’m currently working on. Deprecations are less of an issue, as the IDE reminds us about them. But new functions, and specifically new parameters are the tricky part. I often only realize that they exist when seeing it in a code sample on the forum, or by pure luck while searching for something.

It now helps me browsing through the new additions to see if anything is of interest to my work. I think the wiki is very powerful and has a lot of different ways to search if you invest some time in it. But one issue often remains: if you don’t know what you are looking for, you are out of luck finding it :wink: .

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Thank you Paul! This is helpful. Have you seen XojoDOCs? This is one of the most impressive Xojo web apps I have ever seen. Jeannot is doing some impressive work here with the platform!