List of Ignored Parameters in Controls

Is there perhaps a handy table of the desktop controls and which parameters are ignored on various OS’s?

Some controls ignore things like height on certain platforms, I think all ignore transparency if not on Windows, etc. Knowing what parameters I shouldn’t bother with when creating a cross-platform app would be very helpful!

Do you mean control Properties?

Because Event or Method parameters are not ignored, regardless of the platform, unless the parameter has either the Optional keyword or assigned a Default value.

As far as which control properties are ignored cross-platform, I’ve never seen an actual dedicated list. It’s mostly trial and error where you may find some things like a control height are, or are not, respected on macOS or Windows. I think PopupMenu.Height might be an example.

Yes, I meant properties.

Too bad, it would be really helpful to have a list. Even better if the IDE would “grey out” or otherwise let you know that there’s no point in changing that value, depending on the platform chosen.

I don’t disagree with you Andy, but I think because some native controls can look and behave differently between versions of a given target platform, e.g., Windows 7 vs. 10 or High Sierra vs. Catalina, that might be a bit too much to expect of the IDE.

Like that old slogan, from another language, “Write once, run anywhere” eventually was repeated as “Write once, test everywhere”.

Besides, for the some of the important things, the Xojo documentation is pretty good about pointing out where something doesn’t work for a specific platform. See ToolbarButton.ButtonStyles as an example.

Thanks, Scott!