List Box / Pivot Grid Analytics

I’ve developed a number of projects using C# and DevExpress tools. A couple of those DevEx tools that I have found to be priceless are the Grid Control and the Pivot Grid Control. I’m able to load objects that I’ve defined in the application with data from various sources and send those objects to either of these Grid Controls. Since the controls will allow IEnumerable object types to be sent in to them, the controls are able to take care of the grid population without me having to create a load loop like we do for the Xojo Listbox. Although that is really nice from a programmer’s ease perspective it’s not what makes these tools priceless. At run-time, the user is presented with these grids full of data derived from my IEnumerable objects, and then they are able to drag and drop fields either into a group by region for the Grid or into Data, Column, Row sections of the Pivot grid. The controls will take care of grouping the data in a nice presentation or take care of Pivoting the data into a powerful analysis set which can then be linked to a visualization object that will take care of graphing the data for the user based on how the Pivot Table had been defined. These tools help me create a really rich user environment for doing data analysis with out me trying to develop that base level code.

To a limited degree I’ve used PANDAS for python to do similar data analysis, but these tools are really designed for more advanced users. My target audience would not embrace the Python tools, so I thought about wrapping those tools into a Xojo interface. But this introduces some deployment challenges and further complicates the programs. I’d prefer to find a “Pure” Xojo solution.

I’ve looked for similar controls in the Xojo environment but have either not found any or I’m looking in the wrong place. Are there tools of a similar type available for Xojo or am I not extending the base controls far enough to achieve similar type results within Xojo? Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.

You will not find anything near the DevExpress controls You use. Data Grids and more advanced grid controls are simple not a priority area for Xojo Inc.

Einhugur, a third-part vendor, have some more “advanced” Excel-like controls but again it’s not even on the same planet compared with DevExpress controls.

I envy that other developers may have more advanced tools for data analysis.