Liquid Database - A Recipes Database for Vapers

Yesterday, Apple pulled my Liquid Database App from the macOS App Store. As of today, Apple does not allow Vaping related Apps anymore, Liquid Database is now available for free on my Website.
You can select between german and english translation on the main page of my website (

Do you know that too? You are constantly trying new liquids or liquid recipes and can not remember which liquid was delicious or where and for how much you bought it? Or do you keep a list of these experiences in spreadsheets or on paper, and are you tired of digging through this swirl of data again and again?

Easily maintain your own collection of liquids, flavors, bases and traders, and keep your personal stock under control without any extra effort.


  • Liquids Database/Recipes
  • Flavour Database
  • Bases Database
  • Distributors Database
  • Storage
  • eJuice Recipe Calculator
  • Rating System for Liquids and Flavours
  • Export Recipes in CSV File Format
  • Export Recipes in PDF Format (incl. Images)
  • Print Labels for your Liquid Recipes
  • Database Backup and Restore
  • DarkMode Support (macOS 10.14 and above)
  • Enter your Recipes, Flavors, Bases and Dealers in Liquid Database and use them to manage your Liquids collection. For each article, various additional information can be stored such as ratings, notes, a picture and more…

For each article you can enter how much and in which unit of measure you have it in stock, so that the article is automatically listed in the warehouse. In the warehouse area, you can easily remove one or more items, but the items will remain in your database.

Many automatics try to assist you in collecting and managing your liquids and to make your life easier.