Linux Version of app

Two years ago I switched from Xojo to WPF .Net, because my user base was 100% windows. Now I had a customer request a Linux version of my app. :frowning: They offered $300K USD for a Linux version. I wonder at this point if I should consider Xojo again, or look for something like Electron.

If you can readily port to Xojo, use Xojo. The Xojo-built versions of my main apps work as near flawlessly as my coding allows.

Having only used Xojo on Windows I don’t know how it performs on other platforms. My biggest concern is finding something that can handle a visually intense UI in a snappy fashion. That was one of my biggest problems with Xojo on Windows.

Here is a short video to show what I’m talking about.

I use many of those same type of features with success. Of course, I also depend on a number of MBS and Einhugur plugins for specific tasks, but for that level of monetization, Christian’s and Bjorne’s prices for those plugins is easily defensible.

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Ok thanks for the input. I’ll have to download the latest Xojo and give it a shot.