Linux server for webapp


I’m setting up Linux server for Xojo webapp (standalone) to VMware ESX.
My plan is to use Centos 7 (x86-64). I will also use mysql on same server.
Is there something I should know about this?
Does it work Out of the box with xojo apps (I will build as 64bit)?
Is this good distribution for xojo webapp or should I consider something else?



I believe it should work out of the box, but I use Ubuntu 14.04 LTS mostly. I’ve had no problems with 64bit compiles. If you need to use 32 bit compiles you will probably need to load 32 bit libraries. You can find details on the forums or a quick google search should turn it up.

I have used CentOS and RHEL for web apps and have had no issues. I think it is a great platform. I have not made the transition to 64 bit yet, but it should make things even easier/better.