Linux on VirtualBox / m1?

What Linux distro did you use on your Apple Silicon computer ?
(MacBook Pro 13" M1 here)

I tried openSUSE-Leap-15.5-DVD-aarch64-Build449.1-Media.iso but it failed to install…

Try it with UTM. That should work.

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Hi Christophe,


After sending the original question, I was… thinking… until I recall UTM, so I fired it, set New machine, Linux, etc.

I was unable to install it.

From the UTM gallery, you can select one of the ARM64 images, like Debian 11. It will configure everything for you.

You just have to press on the “Open in UTM” button:

Hi Ricardo,

I think I took it from the Gallery (I forgot), but direct download.

I am trying.

Download and run successful until the Terminal. Now… download Xojo, fire it, share stuff…