Linux: Mysterious user 'William' directory in home directory

Hello all,

I have a mysterious directory in the home directory of an Ubuntu machine that I don’t know how it got there. What I can say is that I installed Xojo 2021R1.1 and later Xojo 2021 R3.1 on the machine about 1 year ago. In the end, there are only some font cache files in that directory.

But the name ‘William’ immediately made me think of ‘William Ju’.

Has anyone ever had the same phenomenon?

Best regards

Probably from @William_Yu if he used tar for the distribution package

Hello Brian,

thank you for your reply.

Has anyone actually had this happen before as well?

Best regards

William is indeed mentioned thousands of times in the Xojo app.

Are you sure, you didn’t just run one of the example projects, that maybe used a path like “/Users/William/Desktop” or so to create a file/folder?