Linux IDE memory requirements for 2015r4

Hi Folks,

If you’re running Linux in virtual machine environments, please be aware that the old 2GB memory requirement is now too little for best operation of the IDE. It is a very good idea to update your VMs to a minimum of 3GB. Or if you know how to install and use the PAE kernels, 4GB is even better.

I was running into all sorts of IDE sluggishness on my existing VMs after installing 2015r4 while the same IDE was running g fine on my real system (all with 8GB). I updated the VMs to 4GB and things are back to normal while running the IDE on Linux VMs.

2GB was “minimum” - definitely not “optimal”
Giving the VM more than that was always a good idea

Except 2GB worked very reasonably with earlier IDEs (all of mine were 2 CPU Cores, 2GB RAM).

Not an expensive change, but just wanted others to be aware and not start complaining about a slow Linux IDE when it really isn’t. Sort of a “preemptive strike”.