Linux Distri

Hello @all,

i did play around these last days. (more since November after a talk on one off my conferences about it.)

I just build a Linux Distri (openSUSE Leap of course) with it - with Xojo 2016r4.1 already installed (and all required Librarys).

  • To the Xojo Guys: Would this be alowed? it is just the Xojo IDE (without any License) - the User would have to have his own License to use it to build something.
  • It also shows the Xojo-License and the User has to agree to the Xojo License the First time he starts the Linux and the First Time he starts the Xojo IDE itself.)

I also Included the most Recent MBS Plugins 16.5

  • To Mr. Christian Schmitz: Do you allow this? (Here is also just the Plugins, Examples and the Documentation, no License to use
    these in compiled programms) if not i would remove the Plugins.
  • The First Start of the Linux Distritribution i also show the MBS Plugin License which the user has to agree to before using this Linux-Distri.

If Xojo and Mr. Schmitz, don’t say anything against it, i would share the Distri Build on SUSEStudio and Post Links to it for people to Download.

More Info about this Linux Distribution: openSUSE Leap 42.2, installed with the Cinnamon Desktop - Installed Xojo 2016 R 4.1, The Xojo Feedback App, and the MBS Plugins. Oh and it’s fully Updateable / Upgradeable, so as Long as there are Updates for Leap you would also get the newest Updates. The Only Things not autoupgrading / autupdating are the xojo ide, xojo feedback and the MBS Plugins.

Best Regards,

R. Landscheidt

I love the thought of this. It’d be great to include a great Xojo themed background. Perhaps strip out other items, but include other free + distribitable Xojo written Linux applications. It’d be a great Xojo showcase.

Hi Ren,

What kernel version did you select?


Thanks. I thought so too. I just dont have any nice Xojo Background so i have used a Standart Background at the moment.
(Graphical Design is not so my forte.)

@Tim Jones
The openSUSE Leap 42.2 is using the Official LTS Kernel. At the Moment that is the 4.4 Kernel.
But there are Repos which could be included to use newer Kernels.
For the Record openSUSE Leap is based on SUSE Linux Enterpris Components. So the Next SP for SLE will propably bring the new 4.9 LTS Kernel if not another LTS Kernel is availible and stable enough. So openSUSE Leap 42.3 would use Kernel 4.9
Well if Greg Kroah-Hartman doesn’t change his anouncement that the next LTS Kernel will be Kernel 4.9.

I know one big question that will definitely come up -

Are you prepared to maintain this as Xojo and Christian release updates quite regularly?

Maybe just having the disti ready to accept the installation of Xojo without requiring the user to track down all of the dependencies would be enough. Most of my after-school students don’t have an issue installing Xojo, it’s the tracking down of the associated supporting libraries that causes problems. This is why I’ve switched over to Linux Mint 18 cinnamon 64 bit for my class installs - the only thing missing is libwebkitgtk-1.0 and libwebkitgtk-1.0:i386.


Yes if it’s is allowed i would try to to Maintain it. (For the Record i’m using this myself.)

That would be another Posibilty to just have the required Librarys Pre-Installed.

For the Record: I started playing with SUSEStudio again after hearing about it at the OpenRheinRuhr 2016 (had my SUSEStudio Account since 2011): (in German only) but it was demonstrated at the Example of GNU Health Linux how many things you could do with SUSEStudio.
For Example after Building an Image you could use Testdrive to Boot your Distri and Configure it like you wanted and the it would be possible to include the changes of the confg back into the image and build it again. so now the Distri is preconfigured like you wanted. Just boot and install and all is like you wanted. :wink: That’s now my favorite Tool in there.

because now i have an image exaclty like my Installed System and can be up and running again in a manner of minutes as oposed to in an manner of hours (or days) - if i ever need to reinstall my system.