Linux .desktop file changes for 2020r2.1

If you build desktop apps for Linux and provide the MyApp.desktop file for your users, be aware that the appicon files are no longer in the top-level menu and are now located in the Resources folder. You’ll need to adjust that path in your .desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=ArGest® Backup for Linux
Comment=Backup, Archival, and Restore Application - Built on BRU™ Technology
Exec=env LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0 "/opt/ArGest Backup/ArGest Backup"
Icon=/opt/ArGest Backup/ArGest Backup Resources/appicon_128.png
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What is a .desktop file?

See here:

You build that and place it into /usr/share/applications to identify your application to the Applications/Start menu on a Linux desktop.

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Here’s the result of that .desktop file in the first post:

Ah, OK, thanks, that’s useful to know. I was wondering how to give the Linux version of my app an icon. (Have to fix some issues with keyboard input going to the wrong control, first, though, all of which works fine under Mac/Win).