Linux compiled Application not starting on Debian Jessie, Raspberry Pi 2 B

Hi there when I heard that xojo now support raspberry pi I bought a v2 b model e mediately to do some testing.
This is great!

Unfortunately I cannot run an app I have compiled for the arm platform.

I have installed the noobs version which comes with Debian Jessie

I then compiled on my windows pc the sample project of eddies electronics and chose arm linux support.

I copied the files to including all libs folders to an usb drive an copied them in my development folder of the raspberry pi

When I double click the executable on the raspberry pi nothing happens. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

Can’t wait to develop applications for the platform!

permissions - its probably not set as executable on the pi

Hi Norman I am just getting started with Linux. How do I set these permissions ? do I need to copy the application to a specific folder? Thank you.

ow wow I need to right click and set permission to execute by anyone. I got it now…I am just getting started with Linux!
OW man I love Xojo so much! (and the team!)

Dear Norman,

I got i working but now the application runs 1 milisec and it closes itself. I have set the permissions and also installed the webkit.
Do you have any ideas? Or any one else?

No idea
I dont have a pi or your project so I cant offer much advice

Hi Norman,

I just bought a Pi because Xojo claimed that it is supported. Overall I think it is great that Xojo builds will be supported but right now it is not working out of the box yet. Rasbian released a jessie release but I think i will head over to a previous release.
(Raspbian Wheezy)

currently the Pistore is dead on the Jessie release as well, so software installation needs to be installed all via the terminal (no pistore available)

I had the Eddie electronics sample working but now it is closing each time. Maybe it is because of the webkit i don’t know but I installed the webkit according the Xojo docs.

I hope there will be soon more documents availabe for running Xojo Software on the PI 2 because I really love the support for this platform. (possibilities are endless)

[quote=239072:@Pieter van den Bosch]Dear Norman,

I got i working but now the application runs 1 milisec and it closes itself. I have set the permissions and also installed the webkit.
Do you have any ideas? Or any one else?[/quote]

I haven’t looked into this yet, but you could install gdb, put a breakpoint on _exit, run the program, and examine the stack trace when it stops. The gdb commands to do this, in order:

I don’t really know what gdb is because I am just getting started with linux. Also remote debugging does not work yet so I doubt that a breakpoint could be set. (for arm Raspberry PI)

Anyway thanks for your help! Well appreciated! Hope anyone can do some testing

Are you using the HTMLViewer? It crashes on Jessie (<>).

Hi Paul Lefebvre,

First of all thank you for your contribution to the Raspberry Pi platform.

I think it is really innovative what you guys are doing here. I really liked your video’s and the blog about getting the gpio working.
Hope you will show us how to use a servo motor using Xojo and Raspberry pi :wink:

Anyway: I think that indeed the html viewer crashes. However, I got it working in the beginning without crashing untill I installed chromium I think.

You recommend going back to Raspbian Wheezy?

I just have two SD cards: one with Wheezy and one with Jessie.

Hi Paul,

You have a fix for Jessie or do I need to wait for the next Xojo build?

I do not have a fix for Jessie. Add <> to your favorites to be notified of updates.

Hope this will be fixed soon

I saw that Xojo 4.1 was released. I don’t think this issue has been solved yet. Can someone send me a wheezie image instead of Jessie? So I can use the full functionality of Xojo? I bought the upgrade because of the linux raspberry pi support but now I cannot use the webbrowser. Would be great I can’t seem to find the wheezie image anywhere.


ok got the wheezie image. It is on the website again . thought this wasnt working. Thanks! hope this issue for jessie will be fixed soon!