linux build

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some questions here about linux :slight_smile:

how can i start a linux build normally on for example kubuntu? And what for dependencies are needed on linux?

Building for Linux is as simple as checking the Linux target in your project.

Dependencies can be found on the system requirements page.

Okay but i cant double-click that build … what is the magic to run this?

What platform are you RUNNING Xojo on?
Do you have a multi-platform license? If you bought the $99 version… it is limited to one operating system

i have multi-plattform and builded a linux build. but how can i start this build? Its kubuntu

What do you see when you right click the executable ?

create a .desktop file and save it in ~/.local/share/applictions to have it in the menu

an example (TextArea.desktop)

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=RTF Editor
Exec=/path/to/TextArea %U

Did you build it on Kubuntu? Or did you transfer it to Kubuntu from another computer?

Either way, make sure the “Execute” flag is set for the built app. You ought to be able to check in the properties for the app (by right-clicking on it).

Or you can navigate to the app folder in the terminal and run it from there with a command like this: